Grid Quantitative Trading

The spot grid strategy is an automated strategy that executes buy low and sell high in a specific price range. Users only need to set the highest and lowest prices in the range, determine the number of grids to be subdivided, and then start running the strategy. The strategy will calculate the price of buying low and selling high for each small grid, and automatically place orders.

Spot grid trial scenarios

The core of the spot grid is "sell high and absorb low and volatile arbitrage", so this strategy is very suitable for volatile market and volatile rising market. If the market falls, it will bring you the corresponding risk of loss.

FB team's original trading solution

On the basis of basic grid trading, the FB team has optimized the design according to the mainstream such as BTC and ETH. The entire trading strategy spans the entire Bitcoin market over the years, taking all risk factors into consideration to maximize the stability and security of investment. .