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What is FBBANK?

FBBank is the Web3 world's first decentralized crypto fund. It uses the DAO organization form of the blockchain to build an investment system, which is an unprecedented new financial organization.
The FBBank project is committed to solving the shortcomings of ordinary investors, focusing on solving various pain points of ordinary investors, and helping investors to effectively avoid investment decision mistakes caused by various psychological factors.
With its excellent results, FBBank has successfully obtained strategic cooperation support from well-known Web3 wallets and DeFi institutions such as Bitkeep, Onto, OKC, CoinHub, CherrySwap, HyperPay, and Ivy Market.

Web3 Crypto Fund

Decentralized crypto fund, the organizational form of future finance.

FBBank is a cryptocurrency fund in the blockchain world, focusing on providing users with safe and reliable cryptocurrency aggregation financial services.

FBbank Crypto Fund is built by the top investment team in the crypto world.
FBbank, the top investment team in the crypto world.
The services we provide include crypto investment consulting, crypto asset allocation, NFT issuance, quantitative trading, cryptocurrency POS mining, staking, etc.