Missoin & Vision

What problem does the FBBank project solve?

FBBank Crypto Fund mainly solves the unprofessional investment decisions of ordinary investors, allowing capital to be harvested and causing losses. We provide a complete set of capital investment plans, including various investment strategies such as quantitative trading, arbitrage trading, and pledge. We gather various resources to help ordinary investors participate in investments that only institutions can participate in.

What is the difference between the FBBank project and other similar projects?

FBBank is the world's first decentralized encrypted fund. It uses the DAO organization form of the blockchain to build an investment system, which is an unprecedented new financial organization. FBBank is committed to solving the shortcomings of ordinary investors, focusing on solving various pain points of ordinary investors, and helping investors effectively avoid investment decision mistakes caused by various psychological factors.​

What are the risks of FBBank’s projects and how will your team mitigate them?

Our biggest risk comes from security risk. For this type of risk, our Token adopts the code of BNB. Our staking pool chooses the well-known Difi to cooperate, and uses their security advantages to solve security problems.

What regulatory concerns that could stifle this industry, and how do you plan to deal with them? Already, quite a few states have banned crypto loans. What are the plans to deal with this kind of regulatory reaction?

We are a decentralized encryption fund in the Web3 world, and the nature of decentralization determines that we will not accept any review. In the future, FBBank will be completely decentralized like Ethereum. So there is no need to worry about any risks brought about by centralized censorship.

Can you share with us what achievements FBBank has achieved so far? and does FBBank have any plans to work with traditional payment banks?

So far, we have established cooperation with OKC, OKXWeb3, BNB Chain, Bitkeep, veDao and many other partners. Our tokens have landed on the OKX DEX market, CMC website, and passed the BNB Chain audit, and established the FBBank project page. In addition, our NFT landed on the OKX NFT marketplace, Bitkeep's NFT marketplace. We are an encryption project based on Web3, and we have no business cooperation with traditional banks for the time being.

Would there be A Private sale, public sale and presale? How would you generate revenue to sustain projecT? Do you solely depend on your team or Investors and community?

Yes, our private placement round has ended. Currently in the airdrop and pre-sale testing phase. Our income mainly comes from CEX and DEX fees, quantitative investment income, and VC financing. At present, we are mainly jointly managed by the community and investors. In the future, we will set up a voting system to further decentralize.

What are the most important and immediate goals for FBBANK in 2023? If you had a list of the top three key performance metrics, what would they be?

Our most important goal in 2023 is to list the BSC chain on the exchange and push FB to the height of 10U. The three key performance indicators are the number of community fans, FB trading volume, and the number of listed exchanges.