Let's build the greatest crypto!
We hope that FBBank will be a huge spaceship that can carry everyone's dreams and sail freely in the encrypted world. Below is our step-by-step to-do list to achieve this ideal, we divide the to-do list into several stages and complete it step by step.
Let's work together to make the FB community grow and become a shining star in the crypto world!

Phase 1.0: Building the Ship

  • Release the project token FB smart contract, using BNB source code to ensure security
  • Establish project publicity positions, Telegram English, Telegram Chinese, Twitter, Weibo, Toutiao, Golden Finance
  • Apply for the main domain name, the backup domain name and
  • Start the first round of overseas airdrops
  • Submit Token profile to OKC public chain
  • Submit Token Profile to MetaX Wallet
  • Submit Token profile to onto wallet
  • Submit Token profile to coinHub wallet
  • Submit Token Profile to Bitkeep Wallet
  • Submit Token profile to cherrySwap website
  • Submit project information to Jinse Finance
  • Submit project information to DappRadar
  • Enter the whitelist of the official website of OKC Chain
  • Enter OKX wallet whitelist
  • Submit Token Profile to CMC Data Website

Phase 2: Trials

  • FB Crypto Fund Investment Strategy Optimization
  • Start the second round of overseas airdrops
  • Overseas Twitter followers increased to 30,000
  • Continue to accumulate OKT as a reserve
  • FB Token Contract Audit
  • Open the first round of seed round valuation financing: 2.1 million USDT
  • BSC chain deployment begins
  • NFT build

Stage 3: Voyage

  • The second round of angel round valuation financing
  • IFO open
  • The project completes all token distribution and starts market value management

Phase 4: Deep Space

  • Open IFO listing
  • Complete the target of 300 million market value in circulation